Kate Chanba


Kate Chanba is a designer and cartographer based in New York City, working on design solutions for the transportation sector. She is one of four teammates at Conveyal building CarFreeAtoZ (Modeify), the Washington Region’s first multi-modal trip planner (Press links: The Atlantic CitiesWAMU 88.5).

Kate found her passion for design and place as a student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and won the 2010 NACIS Student Dynamic Mapping Competition. Inspired to continue mapping, she co-founded Carticulate Maps after graduation.

Carticulate found its niche in the transportation space on the Asheville Redefines Transit Campaign. The Asheville System Map was featured in the 2011 NACIS Atlas of Design. That same year Carticulate released a UX guide, Improving Transit Mapping, examining how design choices impact transit behaviors.

Kate has designed maps and other graphics for several cities including Washington D.C. area, New York, Asheville, Chicago, Nashville, and Minneapolis. Merging quality design with wayfinding, Kate creates graphics that enrich the experience of moving about a city. Her designs are made for citizens to grasp on to, enjoy, and use on a daily basis.

Concurrently with her work at Conveyal, Kate designs for Arlington County Commuter Services and other clients. She recently co-illustrated Gabe Klein’s book, Start-Up City.


Hi there!

I'm a designer and cartographer based in Brooklyn. Working with cities large and small, I enjoy creating tools that enrich the experience of urban environments and offer a sense of place. I'm passionate about multimodal cities, comfortable bike routes, and proactive government. My gurus include Lance Wyman and Massimo Vignelli.

I offer Graphic Design and User Experience for Cartography at Pratt's GIS and Design Certificate Program through the Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative.

I'm available for design consulting, speaking engagements, and workshops. I'm fluent in English, French and Russian languages


 kchanba@gmail.com  ·  +1 718 795 7769